UTG Private Aviation celebrates its first anniversary of opening a new FBO in Domodedovo

One year ago, a new player entered the Russian business aviation market – UTG Private Aviation, a part of UTG Group. Established in 1998, the Group has a solid reputation as Russia's largest independent operator of technical and ground handling services for aircraft and passengers at Vnukovo, Domodedovo, and Pulkovo.

From the first day, UTG PA began thorough reconstruction and renewal of the business aviation infrastructure in Domodedovo. The basis of the new project was a dedicated passenger terminal with its own apron and hangars, built on this site back in the 90s. 

The main tasks at the startup were to provide passengers with prompt services, privacy, and comfort. The development concept: FBO accumulates and offers all services required by customers, from car delivery to the door to turnkey private flight arrangements, at a competitive price.

Currently, the complex includes a 770-square-meter VIP terminal, three aviation hangars with a total area of 8,000 sq. m., and a 17,000 sq. m. apron.

The first stage of reconstruction took three months. It included the overhaul of the apron and renovation works on the terminal's ground floor. UTG PA created some additional parking stands for aircraft, while new taxiing routes streamlined the apron operations.

Preflight procedures were optimized by rebuilding and expanding the customs checkpoint. UTG PA also created a dedicated crew area. At this stage, the company demonstrated a new architectural vision: a neat and modern design of light-filled spaces with an elegant and functional minimalist style.

The fall of 2021 marked the signing of a partnership agreement with SKYPRO TECHNICS to establish an authorized full-service maintenance center for Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 aircraft, as well as a line maintenance station for other makes aircraft.  At the same time, UTG PA, in cooperation with UTG Aviation Services and UTG TechniQ, started providing maintenance services for various aircraft parts, such as wheels, brakes, and aircraft batteries.

By the end of the year, the company launched an extensive range of flight support and supplementary services, such as onsite PCR tests on arrival, visa support, in-flight catering arrangements, transfers, hotel bookings, and aircraft customs clearance ("Import-53").

At the beginning of 2022, UTG PA offered a brand-new personal chauffeur service, delivering passengers to the airport on new premium-class cars. The company guarantees a safe and comfortable ride with English-speaking drivers.

The company pays special attention to online services: clients can book and pay directly on the UTG PA website, and if their plans change, they can request a refund online. The company also cooperates with sports teams and group charter agencies, developing the integration with Domodedovo airport and airlines. Delegations and teams can arrive at the FBO private territory and promptly get on board waiting for them right in front of the terminal.

"Our FBO's main difference is the synergy of business aviation and scheduled airlines. This allows, for example, to arrive here in your private plane or helicopter, leave it in the hangar or even have it maintained and continue your journey from Domodedovo on a scheduled flight. With no need to change the terminal. Another benefit is the well-developed airfield infrastructure. With two independent runways, there are no delays regardless of the weather. – Tatiana Khomyakova, Director of Business Aviation Center, commented.

During the past year, the new FBO has handled over 15 000 passengers and more than 1000 business aviation flights. The chosen business model proves to be resistant to crises and market turbulence. The situation of the spring of 2022 did not put the activities and further development on pause. All the planned projects are being carried out.

This March, the second stage of reconstruction is complete. FBO guests appreciated the new bar, including a unique counter made in the shape of a stylized metal wing, as well as brand-new stylish furniture. Soon, the first floor will be expanded with verandas, one of them will include a spacious meeting room. Then UTG PA will start to renovate the second floor, the facades, and improve the territory.

In the future, the company plans to open a new helipad close to the terminal building, which will supplement the existing possibilities of helicopters landing on the apron.

However, innovations do not stop: the story of the new FBO is just beginning! 


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